One way to fix error 0x87d00231 in ClientIDManagerStartup.log

If you administer ConfigMgr frequently you have probably come across your fair share of clients that are not appearing in the console, or don’t appear to be completing their registration process. The first place most of us go is the ClientIDManagerStartup.log file as this log details the CcmExec process start up and is one of the first log files that errors will show up in if there are problems communicating with the site server.

You may see the following error appear in the log file: 0x87d00231.

Unfortunately, 0x87d00231 is a fairly generic error message that pretty much just means “something went wrong”. If you Google it, you will see a variety of solutions ranging from reinstalling the client to checking your PKI environment is functioning correctly or checking the health of your Management Point(s). These are very valid suggestions; however, they could lead you down a time-consuming rabbit hole. Before you go down that rabbit hole there is one very simple thing it could be, and the answer can be quickly found in the CcmMessaging.log file:

Request to cannot be fulfilled since use of metered network is not allowed.

Yes, it could be as simple as the user of the device having set their connection as a metered connection. This can be done on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 clients. Now you know the reason the user’s device isn’t completing its registration, you can find out why they are using a metered connection and correct it if it’s in error.