Windows 95 Special Edition

On August 24th 1995 Microsoft hosted a Windows 95 launch event at their campus in Redmond, Washington. At this event journalists and other attendees were gifted a copy of Windows 95 in a special commemorative box: Windows 95 Special Edition.


Only 3,000 copies where handed out making this a fairly rare item to have (especially now, 22 years later).

The inside cover opens up and inside the following text can be found:

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 18.38.34

In the box you get a CD copy of Windows 95 – upgrade! Apparently Microsoft couldn’t bring themselves to give away free copies with a full license. You also get the owners manual, a leaflet introducing you to The Microsoft Network and a little Launch95: Introducing the world of Windows 95 insert.

And that’s it! The copy of Windows 95 is no different to the version you could buy in the shops, so the only thing about that this is special is the box.


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